Uniris Obtains CSF Label for Paris 2024 Olympics

Uniris Obtains CSF Label for Paris 2024 Olympics

Uniris has recently secured a validation to participate in security access management experiments for the Paris 2024 Olympics. This approval encompasses two of its solutions: Uniris Public Blockchain and Uniris Biometric Authentication. Both have received the necessary certification for providing tamper-proof authentication without compromising users' privacy.

This promotional article is presented in collaboration with UNIRIS.

Uniris Technology and UCO Cryptocurrency

Uniris technology and the UCO (Uniris Coin) cryptocurrency are designed for large-scale use and widespread adoption. Early investors benefit from an automated currency destruction mechanism and programmed deflation, enhancing the project's long-term value. Founded in 2017 by experts in security and finance, this French start-up recently saw its token listed on blockchain.io. This platform operates on a new consensus called ARCH and aims to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Europe.

A Five-Year Label for International Events

The recently acquired label will be valid for five years. It was awarded by security and biometric experts from the French National Industry Council's Strategic Security Industry Committee (CSF). Uniris was selected primarily for its efficiency in managing exchanges. The team's experience, along with factors like research/innovation and financial stability, also played significant roles in securing the label.

CSF Statement

"Following an invitation for expressions of interest, the LABEL is granted by the CSF after a panel of independent experts, including industry experts, security solution users for major events, and technical experts, review the application. It is granted for a duration of five years."


Vein-Based Fingerprint Verification System

Uniris employs a decentralized network with no central decision-making body, featuring the ability to exclude suspicious nodes and an estimated reliability of 90%. The Uniris protocol uses strong encryption to secure users' private information, with tasks related to rights management distributed among different entities. Protocols such as smart contract updates or data access are handled by separate groups through robust encryption.

Finger Vein Authentication

The system utilizes the network of veins in the fingers to authenticate account holders. This biometric verification method offers significant advantages, including keyless biometric verification.

Uniris is poised for substantial growth. With its listing on blockchain.io and the new label for official international events, combined with the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies, the future looks promising for this French start-up.

Nadia Joubert

Nadia Joubert

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